I have always sought answers to questions that have accompanied humanity for centuries. We have a widely accepted theory of evolution, but it could be completely different. What if evolution looks different, in new colors, forms, or with different actors? Will we be able to understand that it's still the same person whose ancestor was an ape?

I want to find the boundary where it becomes clear that something new is happening, something not tied to age-old beliefs and history. In my work, there is a coded message about the plasticity of people's basic perceptions of themselves and the history of their origins. The viewer should see an alternative theory of human emergence, one that resonates with them personally. Give this theory a chance!

The "Evolution in Pillows" project uses textile materials to explore plasticity and new rules.

I tell the stories of people striving for a better version of themselves throughout the ages. They confidently transmit their ideas across generations. Some pause and stagnate, while others become pillars for the development of humanity. How the future human will look - nobody knows. We can only make space for them and await their arrival, contributing to our own development and, as a result, the development of all humanity.

My art is a constant experiment.